Explosive performance. April--June, 1970 [report]

L.D. Hanes
1970 unpublished
DD-1 The detonation pressure o f small , unconfined PBX 9404 charges and of low density, lightly confined PETN pressings was determined by the aquarium technique. PBX 9404 was Q 6% below the usual 372 k 3 kbar. The low density PETN yielded a pressure several kbars higher than the accepted value (24 kbar) indicating t h a t the PETN may have been overdriven, The DISCUSS I ON The aquarium technique was used t o obtain the detonation pressure of unconfined PBX 9404, 1/2" long x 1" diameter and 1"
more » ... ong x 1" diameter r i g h t circular cylinder charges w i t h density of 1.845 g/cm3 and o f l i g h t l y confined PETN, 1" long x 1" d i -
doi:10.2172/532476 fatcat:uoz62wrzhrcn5bst7dykonoega