Theoretical and experimental study on the effective area of water film and dust removal efficiency [post]

hua guo, hai qiao Wang, shi qiang Chen, zhi rong Wu
2020 unpublished
Breaking through the bottleneck of low resistance and high efficiency in mine exhaust dust control has been a hot issue in the industry. Aiming at the key problems of wet vibrating string grille dust removal, based on the multiphase flow theory and capillary mechanics, the dimensionless bond number expression of the influence of vibrating wire spacing on droplet spreading is derived. Furthermore, a liquid film formed by spreading droplets based on Kelvin correlation, young Laplace formula and
more » ... place formula and Hagen Poiseuille theory, a formula for calculating the thickness and height of liquid film is established with temperature, relative humidity and molar volume of liquid phase as independent variables. Then, the dust removal efficiency calculation model of vibrating wire group is established between the liquid film thickness, height, wire diameter, effective water film area and vortex shedding frequency. Finally, on the experimental platform, the influence of the effective area of water film on the dust removal efficiency of wet vibrating wire grille plate is measured, and the above calculation model is verified. Moreover, the optimized combination of wet vibrating string spacing ratio 1.14, wind speed 3m/s and spray pressure 0.7 MPa is found, which provides important reference for engineering application.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:5wumbdf3e5aujhazbhngvi6snm