Discrimination of time-dependent inflow properties with a cooperative dynamical system

Hiroshi Ueno, Tatsuaki Tsuruyama, Bogdan Nowakowski, Jerzy Górecki, Kenichi Yoshikawa
2015 Chaos  
Many physical, chemical and biological systems exhibit a cooperative or sigmoidal response with respect to the input. In biochemistry, such behavior is called an allosteric effect. Here we demonstrate that a system with such properties can be used to discriminate the amplitude or frequency of an external periodic perturbation or input. Numerical simulations performed for a model sigmoidal kinetics illustrate that there exists a narrow range of frequencies and amplitudes within which the system
more » ... volves toward significantly different states. Therefore, observation of system evolution should provide information about the characteristics of the perturbation. The discrimination properties for periodic perturbation are generic. They can be observed in various dynamical systems and for different types of periodic perturbation.
doi:10.1063/1.4931799 pmid:26520081 fatcat:stlvqxtiw5bxfn6cjuu4ip7kpm