An Efficient Beam Steerable Antenna Array Concept for Airborne Applications

H. Aliakbarian, E. Van der Westhuizen, R. Wiid, V. Volskiy, R. Wolhuter, G. A. E. Vandenbosch
2014 Radioengineering  
Deployment of a satellite borne, steerable antenna array with higher directivity and gain in Low Earth Orbit makes sense to reduce ground station complexity and cost, while still maintaining a reasonable link budget. The implementation comprises a digitally beam steerable phased array antenna integrated with a complete system, comprising the antenna, hosting platform, ground station, and aircraft based satellite emulator to facilitate convenient aircraft based testing of the antenna array and
more » ... ound-space communication link. This paper describes the design, development and initial successful interim testing of the various subsystems. A two element prototype used in this increases the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) by 3 dB which is corresponding to more than 10 times better bit error rate (BER).
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