G. B. Drummond, A. C. Milne
1978 Survey of Anesthesiology  
Arterial blood samples were taken from patients before thoracotomy, and on the 1st day after operation, with the patient breathing first air, and then 24%, 28% and 35% oxygen from a venturitype mask. Pao t was reduced markedly by operation, the reduction being related to the value before operation. Oxygen therapy restored P&o t to a value greater than the value before operation in nine of 11 patients and was not associated with significant increases in Paco,. The effect of administration of
more » ... en on Pao, could be predicted from the Pao t when breathing air. The pattern of response to oxygen suggested that the hypoxaemia was caused by ventilation/perfusion mismatch in most of the patients.
doi:10.1097/00132586-197810000-00060 fatcat:slwqmk4a3ff6bj3xkbm4ta7kpi