The Premier Diamond Mine, Transvaal, South Africa

R. A. F. Penrose
1907 Economic Geology and The Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists  
GENERAL FEATURES OF DIAMOND DEPOSITS IN SOUTH AFRICA. Chief Localities.--The principal diamond mines of South Africa, locally known as diamond "pipes," are at and near Kimberley and elsewhere in Cape Colony; at a number of places in Orange River Colony; and near Pretoria in the Transvaal, The largest and most productive of these mines are those of the DeBeers Consolidated Mines Company near Kimberley, and that of the Premier (Transvaal) Diamond Mining Company near Pretoria. Diamonds have been
more » ... und in other localities than those mentioned, but the production from them has not yet become of great importance. This is especially true of Rhodesia, where a number of diamond discoveries have been made, but the industry there is still in a very undeveloped condition. Besides the mines mentioned, diamonds occur in the alluvium of. the Vaal River, the Orange River and other streams of South Africa, but the production from such sources is very small compared with that from the so-called "pipes." • During a trip in I9o6 to South Africa, the writer visited a number of the larger diamond mines of that region. The present article, however, with the exception of references to the general features of other mines, relates especially to the Premier mine in the Transvaal. 275 2?6 R. ,4. F. PENROSE, JR.
doi:10.2113/gsecongeo.2.3.275 fatcat:m2twuu3gebc4dixqbor76hekmi