New insights into the prolactin-RsaI (PRL-RsaI) locus in Chinese Holstein cows and its effect on milk performance traits

C.H. Dong, X.M. Song, L. Zhang, J.F. Jiang, J.P. Zhou, Y.Q. Jiang
2013 Genetics and Molecular Research  
Prolactin (PRL) plays central roles in mammals' reproduction, gland development, milk secretion, and the expression of milk protein genes. In dairy cattle, the PRL gene is a potential quantitative trait locus and genetic marker related to milk performance traits. Here, a total of 586 randomly selected Chinese Holstein cows were genotyped for locus PRL-RsaI. One haplotype block containing eight SNPs was identified in the region from intron 3 to intron 4 of the PRL gene in Chinese Holstein cows.
more » ... ese Holstein cows. One tag SNP (7545 G→A) was selected to represent the haplotype block defined by the genotypic data. The cows with genotype AA of this tag SNP had a higher milk yield at 305 days (8457 ± 938 kg) than the cows with GA (7537 ± 1278 kg; P < 0.01) or GG (7757 ± 1174 kg; P < 0.05). This suggests that the haplotype block examined in this study contains important markers for milk production traits in Chinese Holstein cows.
doi:10.4238/2013.november.22.3 pmid:24301945 fatcat:icubdxmibbdptfzuvcz4vhmmyq