Evaluation of the Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plants in Four Provinces in Indonesia

R. Rochmadi, I. Ciptaraharja, T. Setiadi
2010 Water practice and technology  
In Indonesia there is a number of Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Plant or Community-based Sanitation (called SANIMAS) locations. In this study, the survey locations included Tangerang -Serang Province, Surabaya -East Java Province, Yogyakarta Province and Bali Province. These locations were selected for the following considerations: variation of influent into the SANIMAS system, ease of access to the SANIMAS manager, availability of resources and data completeness of the system and the
more » ... nce to the available wastewater laboratory. Most of the SANIMAS, systems applied in Indonesia were developed by BORDA having a similar shape and size. The study found that the typical BORDA biodigester (with a diameter of 3 meter) could work well at the loading rate of 1 kg-COD/day/m 3 of biodigester, and it could reduce COD up to 3.5 kg-COD/day. If all of the removed COD was converted into biogas, it would produce 1,850 L of biogas/day, with the concentration of CH 4 in biogas of about 75%. Moreover, the SANIMAS system operation was very simple; in general, there were no obstacles in the operation of SANIMAS system, neither in communal, tofu-tempe industries, nor in treating cattle dung. However, there were several constraints/problems associated with the system performance and SANIMAS system as a whole found in this study.
doi:10.2166/wpt.2010.091 fatcat:7ud3grplibd3xnydfpth2scqoy