Indicators Based Analysis to Conduct Result Based Impact Evaluation: An Innovation in Field of Evaluation

Sada Hussain Shah
2021 Zenodo  
Thousands of development projects are being implemented by hundreds of organizations around the world in each year. Hitherto, only Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and United Nations (UN) agencies were implementing such projects for community development. Nowadays, academia and government departments are also focusing on implementing community development projects. Hence, these smart projects are supposed to give more results as compare to programs implemented intermittently. All these
more » ... ts are more or less evaluated by different organizations and individuals with the purpose to provide evidences for learning and sharing to extrapolate further. Hence, instead of will these evaluations are less likely to be extrapolated into project design henceforth. There could be many gaps to hinder this consecutive learning and adaptation of retrospective literature in project designing. One key gap is structuring and communicating evaluation evidences. Under project evaluation, we often follow cross sectional or longitudinal approaches and apply mixed methods research. Data collection tools are developed based on themes of study. These study themes further guide for data collection and analysis. Hence, under evaluation our focus is to study the status of project against set indicators. Therefore, thematic analysis doesn't help us too much to be specific at the level of indicators. That means there is a problem in setting our research results and embarking our journey on a road. Hence, we are not supposed to change the intended results, therefore, we need to change the road. Hence, the discourse of project management has commenced journey towards result based monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, it is important to establish methodologies for Result Based Impact Evaluations (RBIE) under the theoretical domains of operational research and social survey. To set the architecture for result based evaluation it is pivotal to set analytical focus on project result indicators. Hence, while doing simple thematic analysis evalua [...]
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4478961 fatcat:qwg2d7ms2nbjjpcwqknandmgyy