The Launch and Early Trials of "Shamrock III"

1903 Scientific American  
seen upon a large schooner of this type. The model is one of the sweetest and fairest we have seen for a long time and there is no question that, with started sheets, the craft should be able to reel off the knots at a speed equal to that of the famous "Sappho" of former years. As the schooner is intended mainly for cruising, it was considered desirable to· carry her big sail plan upon three sticks, and while this will render her not quite so fast a boat in windward work, it will, of course,
more » ... duce greatly to ease of handling, especially in heavy weather. The foremast is 72 feet to' the hounds, the mainmast 76 feet, and the miz zen 79 feet, while the respective topmasts measure 48 feet, 52 feet and 54 feet. The
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican04111903-260 fatcat:c4eijaeowvdj7nvjgvsnacaemi