Causal Perturbative QFT and Space-time Geometry [article]

Jaroslaw Wawrzycki
2021 arXiv   pre-print
This work is devoted to the causal perturbative Quantum Field Theory (QFT) due to Bogoliubov, including QED and other realistic QFT. The white noise analysis and the Hida operators as the annihilation-creation operators for free fields are used. The whole Bogoliubov method is unchanged. Causal axioms of such QFT make sense on any globally causal space-times. It is proved that on the flat Minkowski spacetime realistic QFT, including QED, lead to the scattering operator and interacting fields
more » ... rstood as generalized operators in the white noise theory of Hida-Obata-Saitô with the perturbative series equal to the Fock expansion of these operators in the sense of the white noise calculus and make perfect sense in the adiabatic limit as the generalized operators. But in case of the flat Minkowski space-time the realistic QFT, including QED, can be applied only to the scattering phenomena with the many-particle plane wave generalized states as the in and out states. Theory is mathematically consistent without any infrared or ultraviolet infinities. Feynman rules are replaced with other much more effective recurrence rules for the higher order contributions to the scattering operator. It is shown that realistic QFT, e.g. QED, are quite singular on the flat Minkowski spacetime with the interacting fields as generalized operators, which are quite singular, which after smearing with test function are not equal to ordinary operators. Bound state problems cannot be treated entirely within QED on the Minkowski space-time. It is proved that on space-times with compact Cauchy surfaces and non-zero curvature realistic causal perturbative QFT, including QED, behave much better. Perturbative series for some realistic QFT are proved to be convergent on the globally causal space-times with nonzero curvature and compact Cauchy surfaces.
arXiv:1802.06719v12 fatcat:xtbrnnwymray5l32r5zdfhq2xy