A New Hybrid Algorithm for Telugu Word Retrieval and Recognition

Kesana Lakshmi, Tummala Babu
2018 International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems  
Due to their many applications the optical character recognition (OCR) systems have been developed even for scripts like Telugu. Due to the huge number of symbols utilization, identifying the Telugu words are very much complicated. Pre-computed symbol features have been stored by these types of systems to be recognized or to retrieve in a database. Hence, searching of Telugu script from the database is a challenging task due to the complication in finding the features of the Telugu word images
more » ... r scripts. Here, we had implemented novel Telugu script recognition and retrieval based on the extraction of texture properties features using iterative partitioned clustering (IPC) for classification of word images. In addition, the statistical feature extraction and similarity matching performance is further improved that measures the similarity between trained and test templates.For testing purpose, we utilized noisy, corrupted and occlusion scanned documents as a query input word images, also considered multi conjunct vowel consonant clustered word images. Our extensive simulation analysis shown that the proposed methodology finds most relevant word images from database even under such conditions. Our proposed scheme has performed superior to the conventional approaches presented in the literature in terms of mean Average Precision (mAP) and mean Average Recall (mAR).
doi:10.22266/ijies2018.0831.12 fatcat:qtihoafrzjekjoonkwkk6xtaxe