2015 International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development  
Vortex tube is a simp le device with no moving parts. It separates inlet high pressure st ream o f air into two lower pressure streams of cooler temperature at one end and hotter temperature at other end. It is basically of counter flow type and parallel flo w type. It has many advantages and wide range of applications, mostly using counter flow o wing to better performance than parallel flow. Most of the applications reflect the benefits in terms of performance, energy, compactness or as an
more » ... actness or as an alternative to the conventional method. Few applications are highlighted in this paper. Variable temperature system uses vortex tube along with liquid n itrogen cooled heat exchanger to maintain lower temperature as the biochemical samples are p rone to change properties in unconditioned environment. In case of high speed mach ining tools, vortex tube cooling improves the performance and tool life along with better finish of workpiece. Laser cutting system uses vortex tube cooling to minimize heat affected zone. Vortex air coolers are preferred for different industrial applications. The personal air suit uses vortex tube to allo w workers to work under adverse conditions for longer hours. Vortex tube refrigeration is alternative way to the conventional refrigeration in some applications .
doi:10.21090/ijaerd.ncrretme10 fatcat:h7qqgm2zfjbz7d76jodvqdnsbu