Analysis of Influencing Factors on Survival Time of Patients with Heart Failure

Jianwei Sheng, Xiyuan Qian, Tong Ruan
2018 Open Journal of Statistics  
To explore the influencing factors of survival time of patients with heart failure, a total of 1789 patients with heart failure were collected from Shanghai Shuguang Hospital. The Cox proportional hazards model and the mixed effects Cox model were used to analyze the factors on survival time of patients. The results of Cox proportional hazards model showed that age (RR = 1.32), hypertension (RR = 0.67), ARB (RR = 0.55), diuretic (RR = 1.48) and antiplatelet (RR = 0.53) have significant impacts
more » ... ignificant impacts on the survival time of patients. The results of mixed effects Cox model showed that age (RR = 1.16), hypertension (RR = 0.61), lung infection (RR = 1.43), ARB (RR = 0.64), β-blockers (RR = 0.77) and antiplatelet (RR = 0.69) have a significant impact on the survival time of patients. The results are consistent with the covariates age, hypertension, ARB and antiplatelet but inconsistent with the covariates lung infection and β-blockers.
doi:10.4236/ojs.2018.84042 fatcat:7cflc553ejhf3dyyxzjgdswchq