Weakly Supervised Fine-Grained Image Classification via Salient Region Localization and Different Layer Feature Fusion

Fangxiong Chen, Guoheng Huang, Jiaying Lan, Yanhui Wu, Chi-Man Pun, Wing-Kuen Ling, Lianglun Cheng
2020 Applied Sciences  
The fine-grained image classification task is about differentiating between different object classes. The difficulties of the task are large intra-class variance and small inter-class variance. For this reason, improving models' accuracies on the task heavily relies on discriminative parts' annotations and regional parts' annotations. Such delicate annotations' dependency causes the restriction on models' practicability. To tackle this issue, a saliency module based on a weakly supervised
more » ... rained image classification model is proposed by this article. Through our salient region localization module, the proposed model can localize essential regional parts with the use of saliency maps, while only image class annotations are provided. Besides, the bilinear attention module can improve the performance on feature extraction by using higher- and lower-level layers of the network to fuse regional features with global features. With the application of the bilinear attention architecture, we propose the different layer feature fusion module to improve the expression ability of model features. We tested and verified our model on public datasets released specifically for fine-grained image classification. The results of our test show that our proposed model can achieve close to state-of-the-art classification performance on various datasets, while only the least training data are provided. Such a result indicates that the practicality of our model is incredibly improved since fine-grained image datasets are expensive.
doi:10.3390/app10134652 fatcat:hjuqmoqydjbphcc7ygc7vfo36e