The Nature of Neurasthenia and Its Relation to Morbid Fears and Imperative Ideas

1896 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
even hypnotism in special cases, might be tried to advantage at this time ; but this must be done with system aud persistence, and with the co-operation of the patient, which, of course, íb often lacking. Finally, 1 think we might do some good by choosing a better nomenclature, and agreeing on better explanations for these nervous states than those which are now current. It is important that the lawyers and, if possible, the public, should get to understand, bo far as they are able to do so,
more » ... e able to do so, the real nature of these diseases ; and we ought at least to be able to get rid of the bugbear of "organic or functional" disease, for that is a point about which we should probably be in agreement, or, at least, our differences would be as to the definition of the terms.
doi:10.1056/nejm189610221351703 fatcat:dsb4v6a6drc67jxq26xzu35dzu