Presentation of Origin of the Covalent Bond in Turkish General Chemistry Textbooks: A History and Philosophy of Science Perspective

Bayram Coştu, Mansoor Niaz
2012 Educacion Quimica  
The main objectives of this study are 1) to develop a perspective based on history and philosophy of science (HPS) considerations in order to understand the postulation of the covalent (shared pair) bond by Lewis; 2) to formulate criteria based on the HPS perspective that could be useful in the evaluation of general chemistry textbooks; and 3) to evaluate 27 general chemistry textbooks (published in Turkey) utilizing the criteria based on the HPS perspective. Results obtained showed that most
more » ... the general chemistry textbooks did not present the origin of the covalent bond based on a HPS perspective. Also, the textbooks mostly follow an inductivist interpretation of the origin of the covalent bond. It is plausible to suggest that textbook presentations based on a HPS perspective can perhaps facilitate students' interest in the subject and hence lead to sound conceptual understanding.
doi:10.1016/s0187-893x(17)30152-0 fatcat:hv4n2lcztrhjfhgja6hextgozq