On an easy transition from operator dynamics to generating functionals by Clifford algebras

Bertfried Fauser
1998 Journal of Mathematical Physics  
Clifford geometric algebras of multivectors are treated in detail. These algebras are build over a graded space and exhibit a grading or multivector structure. The careful study of the endomorphisms of this space makes it clear, that opposite Clifford algebras have to be used also. Based on this mathematics, we give a fully Clifford algebraic account on generating functionals, which is thereby geometric. The field operators are shown to be Clifford and opposite Clifford maps. This picture
more » ... g on geometry does not need positivity in principle. Furthermore, we propose a transition from operator dynamics to corresponding generating functionals, which is based on the algebraic techniques. As a calculational benefit, this transition is considerable short compared to standard ones. The transition is not injective (unique) and depends additionally on the choice of an ordering. We obtain a direct and constructive connection between orderings and the explicit form of the functional Hamiltonian. These orderings depend on the propagator of the theory and thus on the ground state. This is invisible in path integral formulations. The method is demonstrated within two examples, a non-linear spinor field theory and spinor QED. Antisymmetrized and normal-ordered functional equations are derived in both cases.
doi:10.1063/1.532500 fatcat:ye4ek5gzefce5lecuotkhs7mea