Revealing routes of cellular differentiation by single-cell RNA-seq

Dominic Grün
2018 Current Opinion in Systems Biology  
Differentiation of multipotent stem cells is controlled by the intricate regulatory interactions of thousands of genes. It remains one of the major challenges to understand how nature has designed such robust and reproducible regulatory mechanisms. Knowing the detailed structure of the underlying lineage trees is the basis for investigating the molecular control of this process. The recent availability of large-scale sensitive single-cell RNAseq protocols has enabled the generation of snapshot
more » ... ata covering the entire spectrum of cell states in a system of interest. Consequently, a large number of computational methods for the reconstruction of cellular differentiation trajectories have been developed. Here, I will provide a detailed overview of the concepts and ideas behind some of these algorithms and discuss the particular aspects addressed by each method. Addresses
doi:10.1016/j.coisb.2018.07.006 fatcat:t44u27lsarei7n2osuwvqlubay