Dr. Juliet Ruby
2017 World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research  
Awareness towards the traditional medical systems like Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani (ASU) is increasing day by day throughout the world. This awareness is increasing not only among educated population, also among the common public. permenant relief, no side effects and low cost are the reasons bring the towards the traditional system of medicines compare than allopathic system. Herbal based raw drugs are most commonly used in preparation of medicines in traditional medical system. In general
more » ... em. In general belief, herbal based medicines are safe to consume and they can not produce any side effects. This theory of belief cannot accept by scientific community. Eventhough Herbal based Siddha medicines are safe and having the history of prolonged usages, It is our responsibility to clarifiy the safety measures of these medicines by using modern scientific parameters. Even in Siddha system, Siddhar mentioned suddhi process of herbals, before make them into medicines. Dose,Anupanam and duration of the Siddha herbal medicines are also mentioned by Siddhars. The aim of this study is to prove that "Seenthil Sarkarai" Siddha Single herbal preparation is safe, with proper dose and timeline as per mentioned in literature. Acute and Chronic toxicity studies are found to be safety, conducted in Lab animals.
doi:10.20959/wjpr20179-9302 fatcat:tedaco5d5jhczpz5tt74rqfga4