Tests of Two Forms of Stokes's Integral Using a Synthetic Gravity Field Based on Spherical Harmonics [chapter]

Will E. Featherstone
2003 Geodesy-The Challenge of the 3rd Millennium  
Two gravimetric models of the geoid over Western Australia have been constructed using modified forms of Stokes's formula. The input data are synthetic gravity anomalies which have been generated by an artificial extension of the EGM96 global geopotential model to spherical harmonic degree and order 2700. This provides self-consistent sets of gravity anomalies and geoid heights, which are used as control on the effectiveness of a deterministically modified Stokes's kernel in relation to the
more » ... relation to the common remove-restore technique with the spherical Stokes's kernel. The improved fit of the geoid model that uses a modification to allow for the neglect of the truncation error term and adapt its filtering properties indicates that the widely used remove-compute-restore approach is less appropriate for gravimetric geoid computation in the high-frequency band over Western Australia.
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-05296-9_17 fatcat:6vm7p7zpuzgqfkckxuzuzsvcqq