Near-Infrared Spectrophotometry of the Radio Galaxy 4C 40.36 at [ITAL]z[/ITAL] = 2.269

F. Iwamuro, S. Oya, H. Tsukamoto, T. Maihara
1996 Astrophysical Journal  
We present new near-infrared spectrophotometric observations of the high-z radio galaxy 4C 40.36 ( z ϭ 2.269) including J-and H-band images and a low-resolution ( /⌬ 1 100) spectrum between 1.14 and 1.70 m. We have detected distinctively strong [O III] 4959/5007 doublet and other relatively weak emission lines superposed on the faint flat continuum. The measured emission-line ratios are roughly consistent with the typical narrow-line AGN with the solar metal abundance, except for the large [Ne
more » ... for the large [Ne III] 3869͞[O II] 3727 ratio that is probably caused by the overabundance of neon in this object. The J-band image attributable to stellar emission is aligned with the radio axis, while the H-band image mostly due to [O III] line emission (about 73%) is more symmetric, indicating a concentric distribution of strong oxygen line-emitting clouds. Based on these morphological features together with the extremely flat continuum over the UV-to-optical spectral region in the rest frame, we have examined two models, which are an extremely young galaxy model (age ϭ 0.02-0.1 Gyr) as well as a scattered AGN model.
doi:10.1086/310175 fatcat:uvpdcufwb5gljkt4iqatins6se