Research on Container Intermodal Transport Route Optimization under the Carbon Emission Trading

Jialing Li, Zhigao Liao
2015 Proceedings of the International Conference on Management, Computer and Education Informatization   unpublished
The reasonable selection of container intermodal path is of great significance to the reduction of the transportation cost. With the implementation of carbon trading market, analysis the impact of carbon emission trading on the selection of the intermodal path and the total cost is conductive to provide constructive advice. A path optimization model aiming at minimizing the total cost was established under the current initial quota mechanism of carbon trading market. Then, the CPLEX software
more » ... e CPLEX software was used to solve the model. Finally, a preliminary discussion was presented. The results show that discriminative path exist in different scenarios; the total cost and carbon emissions of path optimization model with the carbon cost are far less than that of path optimization model without carbon cost. Arranging the production rationally, selling out the extra carbon quota and converting the carbon cost into the additional profit, to some extent, the total cost can be decreased under the different carbon quota and prices.
doi:10.2991/mcei-15.2015.58 fatcat:b6pev76ukncf5mymgxmp75tw4a