The worst

2022 Journal of Cell Science  
The worst Mole Ouch. Just got the rejection of our lovely paper that we worked so hard on (on which we worked so hard, thank you Ms. Rosenberg, my sixth grade grammar teacher), and which the reviewers took apart in no time (okay, about a month and a half, but who's counting? Oh, right, I did). They had a few valid points, but generally missed the big point, but that's how it goes. This week we will carefully go over the comments, swear repeatedly, and go back to the drawing board. That is,
more » ... start the long process of revision, submission to a new journal, review, evisceration, revision (hopefully), re-review, and possibly another return to the drawing board. (I just looked it up, 'back to the drawing board', most likely comes from the caption a circa 1940s cartoon by Peter Amo in the New Yorker in which an engineer throws away a blueprint while a plane crashes. The New Yorker is one of those magazines I leaf through to look at the cartoons, which are often great. Like the writer sitting at a typewriterit's an old cartoonsurrounded by various dogs and another person advising him, "write about dogs". This one was from George Price. What were we talking about? Oh right, rejection). It's the worst. This isn't a good day.
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