A Very Simple Model for the Study of Fragmentation in a Collapsing Gas Cloud

T. Arny, K. Weymann
1964 Astronomical Journal  
1964AJ 69S.530A 530 ABSTRACTS void of activity. Analysis of the intensity distribution at 26.3 Mc/sec suggests two components of the emission. One component is comprised of a large amount of weak activity of flux density between 10~2 3 and IO" 22 W m~2 cps" 1 . The other, secondary component is comprised of strong activity of flux density greater than 7 X10 -22 W m -2 cps -1 and may correspond to the radiation commonly observed by workers at lower frequencies.
doi:10.1086/109482 fatcat:tgnrhv5kzfadpp5y2tbsy7wl4m