Review of "Particle size dynamics in abrading pebble populations" [post]

Sebastien Carretier
2020 unpublished
This is a stimulating article, which makes an interesting link between a statistical description of pebble collisions, the physics of their attrition and the evolution of the size distribution of river or beach pebbles. I found particularly promising the distinction between reducing or increasing the variability of grain sizes related to attrition as a function of a parameter, r, which can be related to river energy. However, in order for this paper to be read and used by those, like me, who do
more » ... se, like me, who do not eat the Fokker-Planck equation for breakfast every morning, I recommend substantial additions described below. I have no substantive criticism of the results presented. My suggestions are intended to broaden the scope of this article for non-physicists.
doi:10.5194/esurf-2020-84-rc2 fatcat:lfvjzhahh5gnjgl3q42vvga7qu