An experimental implementation of the kernel/domain architecture

Michale J. Spier, Thomas N. Hastings, David N. Cutler
1973 ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review  
As part of its effort to periodically investigate various new promising concepts and techniques, the Digital Equipment Corporation has sponsored a research project whose purpose it was to effect a limited implementation of a protective operating system framework, based on the kernel/domain architecture which has increasingly been propounded in recent years. The project was carried out in 1972, and its successful completion has led to a substantial number of observations and insights. This paper
more » ... reports on the more significant ones, specifically: i) the techniques used in mapping a conceptual model onto commercially available hardware (the PDP-ii/45 mini-computer), 2) the domain's memory mapping properties, and their impact on programming language storage-class semantics, 3) this architecture's impact on the apparent simplification of various traditionally-complex operating systems monitor functions, and 4) the promise this architecture holds in terms of increased functional flexibility for future-generation geodesic operating systems., we tend to go on for years with tremendous investments to find that the [computer] system, which was not well understood to begin with, does not work as anticipated. We build systems like the Wright Brothers built airplanes -build the whole thing, push it off a cliff, let it crash, and start all over again". R. M. Graham IN1] i.
doi:10.1145/957195.808043 fatcat:xerlu5eecffnneiaogbbisf2wy