High energy γ-ray emission in heavy-ion collisions

W. Bauer, W. Cassing, U. Mosel, M. Tohyama, R.Y. Cusson
1986 Nuclear Physics A  
We calculate double-differential cross sections for energetic photon production in intermediate energy nucleus-nucleus collisions. The production mechanism is assumed to be either that of collective bremsstrahlung or that of electromagnetic transitions between time-dependent singleparticle states as emerging from a self-consistent treatment of the heavy-ion dynamics in the one-body limit (TDHF). Effects from residual nucleon-nucleon collisions on the collective current are further taken into
more » ... ount via a relaxation ansatz for the single-particle occupation numbers. The total yields for energetic photon production above 50 MeV in the simple limit considered indicate that up to 10% of the experimental cross sections can be attributed to collective bremsstrahlung and electromagnetic transitions. ' Present address: Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University. 0375-9474/86/$03.50
doi:10.1016/0375-9474(86)90371-4 fatcat:ira3qhne5bekzi3zwjwjbtpjra