Magnetic and magnetotransport properties in epitaxial FeMn/Py/Cu/Py spin-valve films

J.C.A. Huang, C.H. Tsao, C.C. Yu
1999 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
We have studied magnetic and magnetotransport properties in fcc (111)-and (211)oriented [FeMn/Py/Cu/F'y] (Py= Ni"Fe") films grown on Mo(ll0) and Mo(211) templates by molecular beam epitaxy. Uniaxial magnetic anisotropy of the magnetic layers in both cases were self-assembled by epitaxial growth. However, the pinned Iayer coercive fields of the (211) films were much higher than those of the (111) samples. For both orientations the optimal exchange field (-1300e) and magnttoresistance (-30%)
more » ... istance (-30%) occur at substrate temperature of-170 C, about 30-40 C above the blocking temperature of FeMn layer. Index Terms-molecular beam epitaxy, spin valve, magnetic anisotropy, exchange field, magnetoresistance.
doi:10.1109/20.801032 fatcat:qof2my2nvjbjrdtuuu7g3ouv24