2. 核医学検査におけるオーダリングシステムとレポーティングシステムについて(核医学検査情報の管理と通信システム)

1991 Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology  
Atrend toward h 〔〕 spital computerization is accelerated and clinical work computerization are adopted in many hospitals tQ contribute t(, thc improvement of medical work and become useful for servlce of pa し ien乢s . Total hospital information system ( llIS)based oll order ・ entry system ( GUNMAS )is going on smoothl } ・ to date. In HIS of GUNMAS , ill vivo Iluclear mediclne examinations systenl are involved in physiological and radiological examination system which include plain X P, MR 玉 ,
more » ... , and so on , because in vivo nucleal . medici 聡 examillation subjects to a person as well as the order physjol ' 〕gical or radi 〔 ,1 ( 〕 gical exanlinations , In contrast , in vitro nuclear meclicine exanlination systern is involved in clinical laboratory systel 〕 1 . The nled 童 cal physiciall selects the necessary item such as examinatiol1 ' s rlarrle , purpose and the order on CRT , and then , the date of scintigraphy is reserved . While the reccption of samples for ill vitro Iluclear medicine examination is performed to feed of patient ' s nu 【 11ber illto HIS ( GUNMAS ) . In tlle field ohn vivo nuclear medicine ordering system , GUNMAS is connected to the Nuclear Medicine Computer System through a computer systenl which includes reportillg and data base functiolls . Ordering and rep ( ,rting for ill vivo nuclea τ − rnedicine examinati {,1コ can be d(me by these two computer syste111s . The intrQduction of HIS ( GUNMAS )is useful to save labor and rationalize the clinical work , which contribute to better service for patients ,
doi:10.6009/jjrt.kj00003322761 fatcat:tbpa5mhgjrag3fjs4l7xpb6nce