Clinical and Pathological Perspectives of Jembrana Disease Virus Infection: A Review

Asmarani Kusumawati, Tenri Ashari Wanahari, Rizqa Febriliany Putri, Tri Untari, Sri Hartati, Basofi Ashari Mappakaya, Prabowo Purwono Putro
2014 Biosciences Biotechnology Research Asia  
Jembrana disease virus (JDV) is a viral pathogen that causes Jembrana disease in Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) . Jembrana disease poses the major concern in Bali cattle industry as it gives rise to significant economic detriment due to mortality of cattle. During the first outbreaks, mortality of approximately 60000 cattles in a year was observed due to JDV infection. The pathology of JDV is unusual for a lentivirus infection as it is associated with an clinically acute, often lethal disease
more » ... ome, and a short incubation period in Bali cattle. Studies of Bali cattle experimentally infected with JDV have provided insights into haematological change, cytopathological response, and immune response in naturally occurring infection. The localization of JDV in various tissues or organs were also had been reported. This review discusses the progression of clinical symptoms and the pathological changes during the development of Jembrana disease.
doi:10.13005/bbra/1509 fatcat:pbm5m76wgbdtneuxoi7ewbdbqm