The distribution of trehalase, sucrase, α-amylase, glucoamylase and lactase (β-galactosidase) along the small intestine of five pigs

J. A. Stevens, D. E. Kidder
1972 British Journal of Nutrition  
I . Sucrase, trehalase (EC 3.2. I .28), a-amylase (RC 3 . 2 . I . I ) and glucoamylase ("-1.4 glucan glucohydrolase, BC 3 . 2 . I . 3 ) activities have been measured in the small intestine mucosa of five pigs varying in age from 19-30 weeks. The determinations were made at frequent intervals along the entire length starting 5 x 10-l m from the pylorus. Lactasc (/I-galactosidase, EC 3 . 2 , I .23) has similarly been measured in one pig. 2. All these enzymes were present in the sample obtained
more » ... sample obtained from nearest to the pylorus and rose rapidly in the first few metres. 3 . Trehalase and lactase were similarly distributed with a peak activity in the proximal quarter of the small intestine, falling to very low levels in the distal half. 4. Sucrase and glucoamylase resembled one another in distribution pattern with a peak approximately midway along the small intestine, followed by a slight decrease in sucrase activity distally and a rather greater decrease with glucoamylase. 5 . a-Amylasc activity, assumed to be duc to adsorhcd pancrcatic enzyme, had no regular pattern of distribution. 6. In any individual, the enzyme levels fluctuated considerably along the intestine, with regions where the a-amylase was very high and the levels of the other enzymes were depressed. These regions of high a-amylase activity coincided with regions where the gut was observed to be dilated at dissection.
doi:10.1079/bjn19720015 pmid:5057389 fatcat:aekqi2sfprfrjd6eyof5jwhfre