"Żydy" i "psy" w stadionowym języku nienawiści

Kazimierz Sikora
2019 LingVaria  
Żydy 'Jews' and Psy 'Dogs' in Stadium Hate SpeechThe paper discusses selected problems of the language of football fanatics who constitute the so- -called szalikowcy subculture ('hooligans; lit. scarfers'). The author pays most attention to two (pejorative) personal expressions: żyd 'Jew' and pies 'dog' which, in the hate-saturated conflict between the fans of two clubs from Cracow, Cracovia and Wisła, are used as heavy insults and invectives serving to humiliate and depreciate the opponent.
more » ... paper analyses the sphere of negative semantic connotations of both words, their origin and fluctuations.
doi:10.12797/lv.14.2019.27.05 fatcat:zm3mvw2qhrek7g7gsswjrpob34