Optimal Locating of Central Villages using Topsis Decision-Making Model (Case Study of Doshman Ziyari District-Mamasani Township)

Ali Shamsoddini, Kioumars Dehghani
Man from past had tried to established in nature so to have maximum use of the nature environment. The establishment of human settlements along the rivers, roads and delta show this claim. Human societies always thought to organize the environment and optimum use of resources, but following developments in the technology, increasing speed, decreasing distances and creation of mass communication, programming for scientific locating has been considered that includes both space, economic and
more » ... economic and social systems in optimal settlement locating. This paper aims in locating and selection of best central village of Doshman Ziyari District using Topsis model. It's a descriptive and analytical research and gathering of date was based on library and field, interviews and feedback from people. Based on Topsis model and GIS, villages has analyzed and prioritized in six steps. Results show that the village of Dashte Azadgan with CL (rank) 0.656 is the best and first priority, the village of Dowlat abad with CL (rank) 0.533 is in the second priority, the village of Kollahsia with CL (rank) 0.335 is in the third priority and the village of Dehghap with CL (rank) 0.085 is in located in fourth priority.