I Putu Gede, Lalu Yulendra, Syech Idrus
Tourism Indonesia is ranked 7th in the world for best tourism tourism visit in 2019, the Government's commitment to make tourism as a choir in development accelerates the increase of Indonesia's competitiveness up 8 points from the top 50 to 42 Lombok as a priority tourist destination begins to improve in the development of facilities and tourism infrastructure including its human resources. The city of Mataram as a buffer for special economic zones has the highest number of units and hotel
more » ... units and hotel rooms among districts and cities in West Nusa Tenggara has the second highest number of workers after West Lombok regency with 1,993 hotel rooms with 363 workers and no workers foreign, so Education is very important in improving the quality of human resources (HR). The development of tourism facilities and infrastructure needs to be balanced with the need for professional and competent human resources in the field of tourism, especially in the field of hotel and restaurant accommodation. It will be a problem if the human resources employed do not attempt to identify, map competency levels, gaps, and penta helic models for developing HR competencies for tourism workers in the hotel and restaurant sector in the city of Mataram. The purpose of this study is 1). To identify tourism workers in the hotel sector and 2). To analyze the level of competency of tourism workers in the hotel and restaurant sector, 3). To analyze the gap between human resources and the competencies of tourism workers in the hotel and restaurant sector. 4). To build a penta helic model of HR competencies for tourism workers in the hotel and restaurant sector in the city of Mataram. The research method used is quantitative and qualitative research methods with purposive sampling technique. Data collection techniques used by data collection through observation, interviews, surveys, and expert justification, with descriptive analysis techniques. The results obtained in this study were identified competency indicators referring to the SKKNI based on the Determination of Indonesian National Work Competency Standards in the Tourism Sector in the Hotel and Restaurant Sectors. In the area of work receiving and processing reservations, reception, room preparation, providing accommodation services, providing restaurant services, and Cook food services. Tourism competency profile of tourism workers as a whole has not obtained a perfect score of 5, meaning that the real competence of employees is still below the expected competence. Mapping the gap of tourism workers is carried out through the vocational education institution (LPK) capacity building strategy, and the HR competency improvement strategy through the LPK so that the involvement of the government, employers, academics, and media in the penta helic model is very effective as a reference in the development of tourism HR. The conclusion of this research is the obligation of the company to provide training (on the job and off the job training), set national competency standards, educational and training institutions each have a role, and refer to the penta helic model in the development of Tourism HR
doi:10.33758/mbi.v14i4.361 fatcat:tssxflv5qbdwdcnb7bvc4bo7v4