High spin spectroscopy in Ra219 : Search for the lower mass boundary of the region of statically octupole-deformed nuclei

T. C. Hensley, P. D. Cottle, Vandana Tripathi, B. Abromeit, M. Anastasiou, L. T. Baby, J. S. Baron, D. Caussyn, R. Dungan, K. W. Kemper, R. S. Lubna, S. L. Miller (+5 others)
2017 Physical Review C  
We report the results of a study of rotational bands in 219 Ra via the 208 Pb( 14 C,3n) reaction to look for evidence that this nucleus is statically octupole deformed. We add 19 γ rays not previously observed to the level scheme and extend the two most strongly populated alternating parity bands to J=51/2 and 45/2. The magnitude of the energy splitting between the spin-parity doublets in the two bands appears to exclude the possibility that 219 Ra has a static octupole deformation. PACS
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doi:10.1103/physrevc.96.034325 fatcat:pieaigdu3bhxbc37ivrtfbomnm