2007 International Journal of Modern Physics A  
This is a summary of theoretical plenary contributions to the biennial hadron physics conference Meson2006, which was the ninth in this series. The topics covered in the meeting include low energy pion-pion and pion-nucleon interactions, photoproduction and hadronic production of light mesons and baryons,in-medium effects, recent developments in charmed mesons, charmonia and B mesons, the status of exotica, and some related topics such as final state interactions. In this contribution we review
more » ... and summarize the plenary talks presented by theorists at the meeting, and emphasize some of the main points of their presentations. Where appropriate we will add brief comments on some aspects of QCD spectroscopy. Finally, following tradition, we conclude with a new Feynman story.
doi:10.1142/s0217751x07035690 fatcat:dkjitqgn2rhepg2ihyuydnhcle