Transport-domain applications of widely used data sources in the smart transportation: A survey [article]

Sina Dabiri, Kevin Heaslip
<span title="2018-07-29">2018</span> <i > arXiv </i> &nbsp; <span class="release-stage" >pre-print</span>
The rapid growth of population and the permanent increase in the number of vehicles engender several issues in transportation systems, which in turn call for an intelligent and cost-effective approach to resolve the problems in an efficient manner. Smart transportation is a framework that leverages the power of Information and Communication Technology for acquisition, management, and mining of traffic-related data sources, which, in this study, are categorized into: 1) traffic flow sensors, 2)
more &raquo; ... ideo image processors, 3) probe people and vehicles based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS), mobile phone cellular networks, and Bluetooth, 4) location-based social networks, 5) transit data with the focus on smart cards, and 6) environmental data. For each data source, first, the operational mechanism of the technology for capturing the data is succinctly demonstrated. Secondly, as the most salient feature of this study, the transport-domain applications of each data source that have been conducted by the previous studies are reviewed and classified into the main groups. Thirdly, a number of possible future research directions are provided for all types of data sources. Moreover, in order to alleviate the shortcomings pertaining to each single data source and acquire a better understanding of mobility behavior in transportation systems, the data fusion architectures are introduced to fuse the knowledge learned from a set of heterogeneous but complementary data sources. Finally, we briefly mention the current challenges and their corresponding solutions in the smart transportation.
<span class="external-identifiers"> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="">arXiv:1803.10902v3</a> <a target="_blank" rel="external noopener" href="">fatcat:tc67qy4x4vbtjb76qi6mbwrqy4</a> </span>
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