The Great Derangement and Storyteller's Prerogative: Knowledge From the Hearth

Debajyoti Biswas, Georgina Khakhlari
2020 Journal of Psychology Research  
 Mythology plays an important role in the sustenance of a particular community. It embeds the ancient knowledge that percolates through folktales into the knowledge system of that community. However, such mythologies have often been dismissed by votaries of scientific knowledge on the ground that these mythologies are preposterous and do not have scientific basis. Consequently, the traditional form of knowledge which has helped in the sustenance of particular community is disrupted. It
more » ... srupted. It eventually led to invasion of alien ideas and culture which is not conducive for the growth and protection of that community life. As a result, the relation between man and nature is also disrupted. The present world has been ripped apart by the onslaught of industrialisation in the name of progress and development and people have turned immensely materialistic and as such have not only lost their reverence for nature, but also have facilitated into the decadence of their traditional system of knowledge that otherwise would have shielded the affinity between man and nature. Amitav Ghosh talks about this problem in his non-fiction The Great Derangement; and similarly many Indian writers have also addressed this issue through stories, poetry, and fiction. Eastern Kire Iralu is one such writer from the Northeast India who has blended myth and folktale in her novella titled The Son of the Thundercloud. Her purpose is to allegorie the pathetic plight of the people in present-day world because of their irreverence to nature. She does it by invoking myth and folktale. She has shown in her novella that how ancient system of knowledge, through folk tales, tries to provide valuable knowledge that is required for sustenance of mankind. This paper analyses the novella of Eastrine Kire Iralu which offers a way-out from the present day crisis mentioned by Amitabh Ghosh. Easterine Kire Iralu's novella has established the importance of folktales in primitive societies and its relevance in the present day world. Kire has bended mythology and realism to show the symbiotic relationship between man and nature and thereby she establishes the indispensability of storytellers' role in bailing out mankind of the present crisis.
doi:10.17265/2159-5542/2020.04.004 fatcat:avjvjjsypjbhhna7kjz32hfddu