D. Ferguson
1915 International Review of Mission  
Is it possible t o say anything new on the subject of selfsupport of native churches? I doubt it. In books an? magazine articles, as well as in mission year books and reports of divers kinds, almost every phase of the subject seems to have been touched on, 2nd the most one can now do is to record some of the efforts an individual mission has made t o reach the goel. I make no claim 50 any special qualification to discuss the subject, but I the good fortune t o belong t o a mission which
more » ... o a mission which is in the very front rank, so far as self-support goes, and a few words regarding the steps taken to reach that position may not be out of place. See Chinese Recmdei, rgrq (December), pp. 744 ff. 6ra 3 9 t * 1914 Way), P. 265.
doi:10.1111/j.1758-6631.1915.tb00807.x fatcat:qzpja646dfh7rjztx6fnqh5mtq