Sensory Preconditioning in Spatial Learning Using a Touch Screen Task in Pigeons

Kosuke Sawa, Kenneth J. Leising, Aaron P. Blaisdell
2005 Journal of Experimental Psychology Animal Behavior Processes  
The authors used a touch screen-based visual-search task to investigate spatial integration in pigeons. First, pigeons were presented with a consistent spatial relationship between compound visual landmarks (LMs) A-X and B-Y, separately. Next, pigeons learned to find a hidden goal on the monitor in the presence of LMs A and B. The goal bore a consistent spatial relationship to LM A, but not to LM B. On nonreinforced probe tests, the peak and distribution of responses to LM X suggest that
more » ... suggest that pigeons computed a novel X-goal spatial relationship on the basis of X-A and A-goal spatial vectors. Responses to LM Y, however, revealed no evidence of spatial integration. These results replicate and extend those of A. P. Blaisdell and R. G. Cook (2005) using an open-field task.
doi:10.1037/0097-7403.31.3.368 pmid:16045391 fatcat:2omsf26gfvhbxf7llirjr3ds5e