Judaism and Symbiosis

2015 Kyosei kagaku  
Judaism, Christianity and Islam are monotheism. Each religion claims that its God is the real God. When we read the Bible and the Quran carefully however, we understand that the origin of each God is the God of Judaism. Christians believe in the Trinity, which means the God consists of the God of Old Testament, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. According to the Quran, Mohammed thought that the true believer was Abraham and the God of Abraham is Allah. Although three religions have a long history of
more » ... long history of disputes and struggles against each other, and there still is rivalry in the Middle East between Israel and Arab nations, they have believed in the same God. Therefore, I do not think that symbiosis of the three monotheism religions is impossible. The God himself will intervene into these three religions which believe in him.
doi:10.32137/kyosei.6.6_126 fatcat:e6dixv6usbbspb2m7qfohqmgfi