Yksilö tiedonhankkijana : Sense-making -teorian näkökulma tiedonhankintaprosessiin

Kimmo Tuominen
2008 Informaatiotutkimus  
Tuominen, Kimmo, Yksilö tiedonhankkijana : Sense-making -teorian näkökulma tiedonhankintaprosessiin [Individual as an information seeker: point of view of sense-making theory to information seeking process]. Kirjastotiede ja informatiikka 13 (3): 64-75, 1994. One of the main candidates of theory-building in information studies, the sense-making theory of Brenda Dervin is reviewed from a critical perspective. Special attention is devoted to the use of the sense-makig theory in empirical
more » ... The author claims that the difficulties faced in data collection and analysis when applying sense-making as a methodology are due to the fact that the conceptual apparatus developed by Dervin has not yet been sufficiently elaborated. Dervin, along with many other theorizers of information seeking and use, is also critized for ignoring the social nature and context of knowledge and thought. The construction of meaning, and thinking in general is not only a subjective process but it also involves socially shared representations and ideas.
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