Beta-adrenergic and M-cholinergic receptor interactions characteristics in the pathogenesis of bronchial obstructive pulmonary diseases

Anna Eremenko, K. A. Zykov
2020 Clinical Practice  
Crosstalk between beta-2-adrenoceptor and M- cholinoreceptors in the airway plays one of the main role in the pathogenesis of bronchoobstructive diseases. The interaction of M3-cholinergic receptors and beta2-receptors in the lungs can be characterized as functional antagonism. M3 activation can lead to desensitization of beta2 receptors. Beta2 receptors also limit the action of M3 receptors in various ways. In this case, M2 cholinergic receptors act as autoreceptors. On the one hand, they
more » ... one hand, they limit bronchoconstriction caused by a change in the conformation of the M3 cholinergic receptor, and on the other hand, they are able to suppress the excessive bronchorelaxating effect that occurs when beta2 receptor is activated. Knowledge of the crosstalk mechanisms can help to understanad the pathogenesis of bronchial obstructive diseases, optimize existing treatment regimens for chronic obstructive disease (COPD) and bronchial asthma (BA)
doi:10.17816/clinpract35134 fatcat:cdu2klel7rg2tfcpsakmlwaxpu