Modeling of Mid-Frequency Reverberation in Very Shallow Water [report]

Anatoliy N. Ivakin
2014 unpublished
LONG-TERM GOALS The long-term goal of this research is development of computationally efficient physics-based methods for modeling of propagation, scattering, and reverberation in shallow waters with complicated spatial and temporal variability of environmental parameters. OBJECTIVES A specific objective of this research is to develop a mid-frequency shallow-water reverberation model relevant to specific conditions (1 -10 kHz, ~20 m water depth, ~ 5 km range) of the ONR Target and Reverberation
more » ... t and Reverberation experiment [1] performed during the spring of 2013 (TREX13). The research is to result in developing computer simulation codes and algorithms for the TREX13 acoustic data analysis based on environmental inputs measured concurrently with the experiment.
doi:10.21236/ada617892 fatcat:x5dnnzk2yrf7vcw65dep52w2vq