Finding of no significant impact resumption of thermal stabilization of plutonium oxide in Building 707 [report]

1994 unpublished
SLW4ARY : The Department of Energy (OOE) has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA), 00 E/EA-0887, for the proposed thermal stabi 1ization (controlled oxidation) of plutonium, to take place in Building 707, Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, Colorado. The stabilization action would include post -stabil ization characterization and on-site movement of stabilized material . Public meetings were held on July 7 and October 6, 1993, to discuss the scope and analyses in the EA. The scope of the EA
more » ... e of the EA included evaluation of alternative methods of stabilization, stabilization in other buildings at Rocky Flats, shipping off-site for stabilization, and no action. The public and the State were provided 60 days to comment on the EA, and comments received were responded to as needed in the final EA. Based on the analyses in the EA, 00E has determined that the proposed action would not significantly affect the quality of human environment, within the meaning of the National Environmental Pol icy Act (NEPA) of 1969. Therefore, the preparation of Phone: (202) 586-4600 or (800) 472-2756 SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION : Background: Thermal stabilization is the term Contact: used to describe controlled heating of incompletely oxidized plutonium, converting the plutonium to a relatively inert, non-combustible form for storage. Incompletely oxidized plutonium is a result of natural (but incomplete) oxidation of plutonium metal surfaces when exposed to oxygen, water vapor, or other reactive substances. These plutonium oxides are fine powders that form on the surface of metallic plutonium. The fine powder is potentially pyrophoric (that is, it may environmental conditions are appropriate), spontaneously ignite if so careful attention to
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