Cognitive Process Observation Based on Human-Computer Interaction

Wenwu LI, Rengui Cheng, Changyong Liu, Wensen Yu, Lei Guo, Shimin Meng
2014 Open Automation and Control Systems Journal  
Brain research focuses on matter, energy and information. Brain imaging of cognitive function concentrates on detecting brain activity in the energy layer and is the mainstream research paradigm in current brain science, hotspot patents. However, the core function of the brain is to process and dissipate information. It is extremely difficult to deduce brain activity and information processing mechanism based on activities in the energy layer; Studying the information processing mechanism of
more » ... brain directly from the information and content layers is a direction worth exploring. In terms of psychology, the basic object of brain research in the content layer is the cognitive structure. The cognitive structure is the basis for cognition, learning and thinking, so it is undoubtedly objective. Directly collecting cognitive information and reconstructing the methods for observing cognitive structures are scientific problems that deserve to be studied. How to observe the cognitive structure inside the brain? The new cognitive view holds that cognition occurs in the coupling interaction between the brain and the environment and the innovative method for observing the cognitive structure of man-machine coupling views the environment for man-machine interaction as the digital platform for cognition observation consisting of the brain cognitive body, the coupling situation and the information manifold (BSM). BSM is a combination of information and cognition. It should be analyzed from the perspectives of mathematic foundation, observation methods, imaging technology and cognitive dynamics. Cognitive structure imaging will be the new direction of the brain technology patents.
doi:10.2174/1874444301406010146 fatcat:3gdue5mq6fht7m6fnmak5xy6vu