Stable coupled conjugate solitary waves in optical fibers

S. Wabnitz, J. M. Soto-Crespo
1998 Optics Letters  
Four-wave mixing of an intense continuous-wave pump beam with an ultrashort soliton signal in an optical fiber is theoretically analyzed. A novel class of stable two-color coupled solitary waves is found. These vector parametric solitons represent the optimal frequency conversion of an ultrashort pulse. where Z z͞z 0 ϵ zjbj͞t 0 2 , t 0 is an arbitrary time unit, T ͓t 2 ͑z͞V g ͔͒͞t 0 , ͑u, v͒ ͓E s exp͑iDkz͞2͒,
doi:10.1364/ol.23.000265 pmid:18084480 fatcat:z27yak3wxvbkvhgypuo5fe5zm4