Spreading of Sarcoptes Scabiei, as Psoroptes Cuniculi on Rabbits and Otodectes Cynotis on Domestic Carnivores

E.N. Maslova
2018 International scientific and practical conference "AgroSMART - Smart solutions for agriculture" (AgroSMART 2018)   unpublished
This article presents the results of the research of spreading Psoroptes cuniculi on rabbits and Otodectes cynotis on domestic carnivores during 2014 -2017 in the territory of the Tyumen region. The studies were conducted by the standard methods: clinical, acarologic, haematologic. The epizootological situation with Psoroptes cuniculi of rabbits was studied according to the V.V. Makarov's recommendations et al. (2009), is relevant on 14.02.2018. For the studied period, the average values of
more » ... erage values of extensiveness of rabbits Psoroptes cuniculi invasion had been 42.62, carnivores Otodectes cynotis had been 22.53. At the same time, the indicator of adult rabbits extensive invasion (EI) had been fluctuated within 39.4±1.2 -41.8±1.5%, and of growers -41.6±0.3 -47.2±1.6%. The top indicators of disease incidence were registered in autumn and winter and spring periods: October -November (EI of 35.2-47.2% on rabbits, 42.5-45.2% on domestic carnivores) and in February -March (EI -35,3 -46.2% on rabbits and 29,.6 -43.4% on domestic carnivores). The focality of an otodectic invasion is supported by homeless animals, whose extensiveness of invasion is within the limits of 21.5±3.1-33.4±3.2%, for domestic carnivores I is within 11.01±0.6 -21.2±1.2%.
doi:10.2991/agrosmart-18.2018.92 fatcat:2mijdwxaencalp5eobmwthwxey