alpha 1-fetoprotein in neonatal jaundice
Alfa1-fetoproteien in neonatale geelsug

C Malan, P R Donald, H J Odendaal, B C Shanley
The relationshop between the concentration of alpha1-fetoprotein (AFP) in cord blood and neonatal jaundice has been examined in 259 neonates. Cord blood AFP varies inversely with gestational age, as does the incidence of severe jaundice. Among babies born at term a higher mean AFP concentration in cord blood was found in the group which subsequently developed marked hyperbilirubinaemia. On average, the full-term babies with a cord blood AFP level above 130 mg/l developed more pronounced
more » ... pronounced jaundice than the rest. We conclude that cord blood AFP concentrations reflect the maturity of the liver in both premature and full-term infants. It is a better criterion than the estimation of gestational period by physical examination of the baby.
pmid:82277 fatcat:4zyzvtnsl5ggbjtlhtcpik5zgi